Fix This ONE Thing…Get Your Dream Body?

New studies reveal a hidden obstacle to losing weight that most of us don’t even know about.

If someone has ever struggled to lose weight, having that stubborn fat refuse to budge…


If a person has lost a bunch of weight before, only to have it return at an alarmingly fast rate, and maybe even pack on more pounds…

They may be suffering from what’s called “Fat Memory.”

But what is Fat Memory and how does it stop us from losing weight?

Well the term “Fat Memory” refers to our fat cells. When we are born we produce a set amount fat cells. These fat cells store fat, which our bodies use for energy, which is extremely important.

These fat cells store fat, then when we need the energy they open up and we burn the fat as fuel.

Our fat cells expand approximately 4 times their normal size in order to store the fat coming in.

However, if we gain enough weight and our current number of fat cells can’t store the extra fat, these fat cells multiply and divide, creating NEW fat cells.

At first this doesn’t seem like such a big deal. But researches have found that these fat cells don’t ever go away on their own.

This is a BIG problem if you want to lose weight, because even if you do manage to lose weight, these newly created fat cells will still be there, ready to store more fat. And these cells love to store fat so just about anything we eat will easily be stored as fat again.

This is the reason why after losing a bunch of weight it’s so easy to regain the weight we’ve lost. These new fat cells have lots of room they want to store fat in so anything we eat is easily stored.

So is it hopeless? If we’re overweight are we doomed? Is it impossible to lose the weight for good?

Fortunately the answer is no .

New research has found that our bodies can perform “adipocyte apoptosis”. An “adipocyte” is a fat cell, and apoptosis is the process of “cell death”. So adipocyte apoptosis is a fancy way of saying that you can “kill” your mature fat cells .

The way you do this is by eating the right foods, losing weight, then using several natural substances that have been shown to produce apoptosis in fat cells (getting rid of the fat cells).

But what if losing weight is a struggle in the first place? What if a person has “stubborn fat”?

Stubborn fat is a big issue but new research has shown that we can more easily “unlock” our fat cells to more easily burn the fat as energy so we lose weight more easily.

One of the ways to NOT do this is to starve yourself. By starving yourself your body enters into what’s called “starvation mode” and tries to hold onto anything it can, making weight loss almost impossible.

However if you eat the right foods at the right time, you can unlock your fat storages, burn the stored fat, and you can do it by literally eating yourself skinny.

So step one to burning stubborn fat is to avoid starvation. By starving yourself you’re just locking that fat to your body even more.

Step two would be to eat the right kind of foods in the right amount. Focus on fat burning foods that are natural and avoid processed foods.

Step three would be to get out and get just a bit of exercise. No need to train for a marathon, just get out and walk at least 1 mile per day. If you can do more, great, but do at least 1 mile. By doing small things on a continuos basis, you’ll eventually build up to big results.

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